Mr. Roy Sagi

Mr. Roy Sagi

VP Investment Banking, Saga Foundation


About Saga:

Founded in April 2017, the Saga Foundation's mission is to design a non-sovereign currency with the qualities to become a global, complimentary store of value and medium of exchange. Non-anonymous and algorithmically governed by a variable-fractional reserve model, Saga is designed to answer often raised public policy concerns regarding identity and volatility.

With an interdisciplinary approach towards the design of its monetary model, Saga is advised and supported by global subject-matter leaders, such as Prof. Jacob Frenkel, Prof. Myron Scholes, and Prof. Dan Galai.

Short Bio:

Roy joined Saga from Citigroup Global Markets, where he was an FX Salesperson in London and East Africa. He has been working with Multinational Corporations, Government Organisations and Financial Institutions across EMEA, focusing on Emerging & Frontier markets.

At Citigroup, Roy’s focus was on delivering sophisticated and automated FX solutions for clients’ global operations, covering Cross-Border & Cross-Currency transactions, Liquidity and Risk Management.

Prior to Citi, Roy worked for JPMorgan Funds Services in Luxembourg.

Roy holds a BSc (Magna Cum Laude) in Economics & Management from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the London Business School.