The 2019 Dallas Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference


08:00 – 09:00 AM Registration & Refreshments
 09:00 – 09:10 AM Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
  Conference Moderator: Mr. Josh O. Ungerman, Partner, Meadows, Collier LLP
The Innovation & Technology Session
09:10 – 09:30 Am Why Texas, Why Now – The Texas Startup Manifesto  –  Mr. Bryan Chambers, Vice President, Accelerator, Investment Fund at Capital Factory
09:30 – 10:00 AM The Technology & Innovation Panel
  Moderator: Mr. Bryan Chambers, Vice President, Accelerator, Investment Fund at Capital Factory
  With: Mr. Adil Adi, Founder & CEO, WorldLinkMr. Dave Copps, CEO, Hypergiant Sensory Sciences; Mr. Bruce Parker, Founder & CEO, ModoPayments
10:00 – 10:20 AM Keynote Presentation – What Makes an Early Stage VC Great  - Mr. Dov Moran, Serial Entrepreneur & Inventor of the USB portable flash drive; Founder, M-Systems and Managing Partner, Grove Ventures
10:20 – 10:40 AM Deductibility of Expenses in the Family Office Space After the Tax Court Decision in the Lender Bagel Case & The Golden Age of Estate Planning
  Mr. Josh O. Ungerman, Partner, Meadows, Collier LLP and Mr. Alan Davis, Partner, Meadows Collier LLP
  This presentation will address Lender Management, LLC v. Commissioner which addressed the deductibility of family office expenses under Section 162.  Understand the roadmap set forth in the opinion for structuring a family office that is consistent with a Section 162 deduction.  The presentation will conclude with the factors that make the current environment a golden age for estate planning.
10:40 – 10:50 AM Fine Art & Alternative Asset Financing/Monetization - Mr. Jonathan Gibbs, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Truss Point Partners 
10:50 – 11:20 AM Coffee Break
11:20 – 11:40 AM Investment Incentives in America’s Business Paradise – U.S. Virgin Islands
Mr. Kamal l. Latham, CEOU.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority
11:40 – 12:20 PM Developing Leadership in the Family Enterprise: The Magical Convergence of Tradition & Innovation Panel
  Moderators: Ms. Tal Yahav, Partner, Dorot Family Business Consulting
With: Ms. Galia Hazan, Co-Manager, Tiroche Auction House;  Adv. Michal Alshech Ben Dan, CEO, Ben Eli Alshech Import & Marketing; Ms. Leetal S. Ilan, Esq, Principal in Charge, Rolan Group; Dr. Tamar Milo, Founding Partner, Dorot Family Business Consulting
Description: A peer group of next-gen champions from various family-owned businesses, will discuss developing the leadership in the family enterprise.The forums evolved into a way of life for the participants: a place for developing personal strengths and resilience, for learning ways to cope with complexities and plan strategies for combining legacy and innovation within one’s own family enterprise.Three participants from existing peer forums, each representing a different family enterprise, will share some of the life-changing insights, gained from the experience.  They will tell about the power of the peer group, its impact on their personal development, and the contribution of the practical tools they have acquired to their every-day challenges in the business and in the family.
12:20 – 12:50 PM Fireside Chat: Keynote SpeakerMr. Craig Hall, Chairman and Founder of Dallas-based HALL Group, Entrepreneur, Civic Leader, New York Times Bestselling Author, Philanthropist With Mr. Richard Delgado,Managing Partner, ERA Capital Partners 
12:50 – 02:00 PM Lunch 
The Next Generation Session
02:00 – 02:20 PM Keynote Speaker: How to Make Your Family Business Thrive across the Generations - Ms. Mitzi Perdue, 2nd Gen, The Sheraton Family and Perdue Chicken, Business Woman, Author, Professional Public Speaker
02:20 – 03:00 PM The Real Estate Panel – Logistics Capital Markets Trends and Investment Discussio
Moderator: Mr. Josh McArtor, Managing Director, Eastdil Secured
With: Mr. Edward Griffin, President & CEO, Griffin Partners Inc; Mr. Joe B. (Jody) Thornton, Jr. President, JLL Capital Markets, Americas; Mr. Sean Dalfen, President & Chief Investment Officer, Dalfen Industrial; Mr.Tom Fishman, Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Dispositions; Mr. Nick Cassavechia, Founder, Old House Capital; Mr. Jeffory Blackard, CEO & President, Blackard Global Chairman, Global Council, NeoRetroism; Ms. Desirée Patno, CEO & President, Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem
Description: A formal discussion of the capital market trends and pricing for the Logistics industry across the United States.
03:00 – 03:20 PM Fireside Chat: Ms. Amy Korenvaes, President, Harlan & Amy Korenvaes Family Foundation with  Mr. Bradley LayeEx President, CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas
 03:20 – 04:00 PM The Family Office Panel
  Moderator: Mr. Matthew Kibble, Managing Partner, Kibble Holdings 
  With: Mr. Rob Raymond, Raymond Family Office & Founder, RCH Energy; Mr. Clark Copelin, Founder & Managing Partner, 2088 Advisory, LP
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The 2019 Houston Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference

May 2019 Agenda:

08:00-09:00 am Registration and Refreshments
09:00-09:10 am Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Conference Moderator: Ms. Desirée Patno, CEO, NAWRB
09:10-09:30 am The Tiger 21 Panel
Moderator: Mr. Rick Gornto, Houston Chair, TIGER 21 Houston
With: Dr. Steven Kaufman, Founder & Chief Acceleration Officer, Zeus Trust; Mr. Steven Wyatt, Co-Founder, Wyatt Energy, Mr. Tony Annunziato, Sole Member, Annunziato Holdings
A discussion about what Tiger 21 is and how it can be relevant to you. The panelists will be asked questions about their experiences with T21, their investments with T21 and the value of T21 to their family and themselves.
09:30-09:50 am Fireside Chat – What’s behind the Numbers: The Value of Team, Partners, Values, and Culture
Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Campbell, Managing Director, Houston Angel Network
With: Mr. Jay Steinfeld, Founder & CEO, (a Home Depot company)
and Mr. Daniel Cotlar, COO, Apartment Butler and former CMO, Global Custom Commerce
Exploring steps that position your business or investment for maximum growth, investor credibility, and ultimately, selling price.
09:50-10:00 am Cannabis Investing: A Private Equity Perspective – Ms. Codie Sanchez, Managing Director, Cresco Capital Partners, LLC; Mr. Matt Hawkins, Managing Partner, Cresco Capital Partners, LLC
Thoughts on how to access this generational wealth creation event from the first growth equity fund in the space. 
10:00-10:10 am The Most Secure Private Sector Precious Metals Storage in the Nation - Mr. Sean Forbes, Managing Director, Texas Bullion Depository
10:10-10:40 am The Oil and Gas Panel 
Moderator: Mr. Brad Holmes, Managing Director,
With: Mr. E. Will Gray, II, CEO, Remnant Oil Company; Mr. Jim Holmes, Executive Vice President, Lightning Fluid Services, Mr. Tim Krebs, CFO, Wolf Resources LLC
This panel consists of three companies in the oil and gas business; one oilfield service company, one E&P company and one mineral company who have an investment opportunity that will be of interest to family offices.
10:40-10:50 am Tax Incentives – America’s Business Paradise – Mr. Kamal I. Latham, CEO, United States Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority
10:50-11:10 am Refreshment Break
11:10-11:30 am Special Keynote Presentation: Journey to Success – the Founders Kitchen Model – Mr. Uri Levine, Waze Co-Founder & Serial Entrepreneur
Mr. Uri Levine is one of the most exceptional entrepreneurs coming out of Israel and a leader in the disruptive technology space. Uri has co-founded one of the most revolutionary tech companies in the world that is assisting billions of drivers around the world in navigating their way – Waze.
The Real Estate Session
11:30-11:50 am Social Impact Ms. Quinn Palomino, CEO, Virtua International Holdings
11:50-12:05 am Contrarian Investing in the Retail SectorMr. Andy Weiner, President, Rockstep Capital
12:05-12:35 pm The Real Estate Panel – Opportunity Zones 
Moderator: Ms. Desirée Patno, CEO, NAWRB
With: Mr. Kevin Dancy, Community Development Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – Houston Branch; Mr. Clark Spencer, Senior Vice President of Investments, Grubb Properties, Ms. Grace Rodriguez, CEO / Executive Director, Impact Hub Houston, Ms. Quinn Palomino, CEO, Virtua International Holdings, Mr. Bill Truax, Founder & President, Galena Opportunity Fund
The Technology Session
12:35-12:45 pm How to Profit from the Technological Disruption in the Travel Industry – Mr. Kevin Bidner, President & CEO, HCN, The Hotel Communication Network
Travel, one of the world’s largest industries, is now undergoing a major transition as tech-savvy millennials, the largest cohort in human history, now become the largest customer set.  The heart of the travel experience, the hotel room, has not seen a major upgrade in technology in two generations, leaving a major vacuum that will be filled by the guest-room tablet, creating a portal to the hotel, city and, establishing a new major communication network in every city that will change travel forever.
12:45-12:55 pm The Digital Companion Revolution – Mr. Assaf Gad, VP Strategy, Intuition Robotics
12:55-01:05 pm Sanara Capital and the Future of Digital Health - Mr. Assaf Barnea, CEO, Sanara Ventures
01:05-01:15 pm Changing Cancer Care by Predicting Patient Response to Oncology Drugs, Prior to Treatment – Dr. Matthew Gevaert, CEO, Kiyatec Inc.
01:15-02:15 pm Lunch
02:15-02:45 pm The Healthcare Panel
Moderator: Ms. Juliana Garaizar, Director, Texas Medical Center Venture Fund
With: Mr. Toby Hamilton, Executive-in-Residence, TMC Innovation Institute; Mr. Steven Gonzalez, Technology Transfer Strategist, NASA / Johnson Space Center; Dr. Ashok Gowda, President & CEO, Biotex
  Latest trends in Houston’s health innovation. New stakeholders, new funds, new roles within the ecosystem. Can Houston become the Third Coast for life sciences innovation and investment?
02:45-03:20 pm The Philanthropy Panel
Moderator: Ms. Avital Ingber, President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston (JFGH)
With: Mr. Eric Barvin, President, The Barvin Group; Mr. Steven Mitzner, Vice President, RIDA Development Corporation, Mr. Dan Braun, President, Braun Enterprises
What inspires legacy giving? Hear firsthand from a number of successful business leaders how they give back to their communities, and are involved with multiple generations of their family in creating lasting legacies through philanthropic endeavors.
03:20-03:50 pm The GOOSE Society Technology Panel
Moderator: Ms. Samantha Lewis, Director, GOOSE Society of Texas
With: Mr. Jack Gill, Founder, Vanguard Ventures; Mr. Rod Canion, Co-Founder, Compaq Computer Corporation; Mr. Brian Patterson, Founding Partner, Archive Management Solutions, AIG/Lincoln and Plus Energia
A discussion about how ultra high net worth individuals can leverage their network to become sophisticated venture investors and create high returns.
03:50-04:10 pm Refreshment Break
04:10-04:30 pm Fireside Chat with Keynote Speaker Mr. Reid Ryan: Baseball, Business and Family 
Moderator: Ms. Desirée Patno, CEO, NAWRB
With: Mr. Reid Ryan, President of Business Operations, Houston Astros
04:30-05:00 pm The Angel Network Panel
Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Campbell, Managing Director, Houston Angel Network
With: Mr. Mark Friday, Associate, Cathexis Ventures; Mr. Guillermo Borda, Managing Partner, HX Venture Fund, Ms. Sonia Mathur, President, The Houston Angel Network & Business Advisor
This panel will discuss how angel networks, venture capital firms, family offices, and corporate ventures are driving the efforts to put Houston on the map as a key destination to start and grow a business, while also making a return. In this panel, you will learn about the types of investments these organizations are seeking, examples of success in this space, and ways to take advantage of these opportunities through collaboration. Come prepared to ask questions about how to participate in solidifying Houston as the third coast.
05:00-05:20 pm Fireside Chat On Philanthropy
With: Mr. Frost Murphy, Managing Partner, Elite Mixed Martial Arts and Ms. Jennifer Touchet, Vice President of Personal & Family Philanthropy, Greater Houston Community Foundation
Ms. Jennifer Touchet of Greater Houston Community Foundation will interview Mr. Frost Murphy, current board member, on his personal philanthropic journey reflecting how the next generation is revolutionizing giving and why it matters. They will also discuss how others are able to find ways to engage in the causes they care about.



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The 2018 Houston Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference

08:00-09:00 am Registration and Refreshments
09:00-09:10 am Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny CharedFounder & CEO, DC Finance
  Mr. Jeffrey KaneNational Managing Partner – Private Client Services, BDO LLP
Conference Moderator: Mr. Jerry Guillott, Tax Partner, BDO LLP
09:10-09:40 am The Technology Panel – Is Houston Ready to Become the “Third Coast” When it Comes to Innovation and Investment?
  Moderator: Mr. Erik Halvorsen, Director, TMC Innovation Institute
With: Ms. Dorit Donoviel, Director, Transnational Research Institute for Space Health, Mr. John S. Reale Jr., Co-Founder & CEO, Station Houston, Ms. Juliana Garaizar, Managing Director, Houston Angel Network, Mr. William E. Cohn, VP, Medical Devices, Johnson&Johnson
This panel will talk about some of the history of innovation in Houston and the major advances that have taken place recently with respect to infrastructure and resources to support entrepreneurs and start-ups in the ecosystem.  The panelists will paint a picture of how robust the current investment opportunities in tech, digital and healthcare and where continued growth and opportunity will be seen in the future.
09:40-10:00 am The World of Blockchain – Ms. Kelly Klein, Strategic Partnerships Director, Alignment Group
10:00-10:15 am The Changing Healthcare Financing Landscape  – Mr. Adam E. Fine, General Partner & CEO, Windham Venture Partners
10:15-10:25 am Overseas Diversification Through Local Expertise - Mr. Lorenzo Rocco di Torrepadula, Partner, REYL Overseas Ltd
10:25-10:35 am The Continuing Evolution of Private Equity – Mr. Richard Baker, Vice President, Portfolio Strategy, ALPS Red Rocks Capital
10:35-10:55 am Finding Opportunity in the Only CRE Sector Facing Deep Stress – Mr. Andy Weiner, President, RockStep Capital Real Estate Investments
10:55-11:25 am Fireside Chat with Keynote Speaker Mr. Drayton McLane Jr.
With: Keynote Speaker Mr. Drayton McLane Jr., Chairman, The McLane Group
Moderator: Mr. Rick Gornto, Houston Chair, TIGER 21
11:25-11:45 am Refreshment Break
11:45-11:55 pm Energy Investing – Moving from Molecules to Electrons for Better Risk-Adjusted Returns - Mr. Alan Hsu, Managing Director & Global Industry Analyst & Portfolio Manager, Wellington Management
11:55-12:15 pm The Global Opportunity: Low-Cost Clean Energy – Mr. Robert W. Rigdon, Vice Chairman, Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.
12:15-12:45 pm The Energy Panel – Outlook and Opportunities for Investment
Moderator: Mr. Kenneth B. Medlock III, Ph.D , Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Rice University
With: Mr. R. Paul Loveless, President & CEO, CL&F Resources, Mr. Richard Bogatto, Tax Partner, BDO LLP, Mr. Walker Moody, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Asset Management, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
This moderated panel discussion will explore the outlooks for oil and gas, including the most significant uncertainties, whether they are global or domestic, and how they may affect the investment climate. In addition, speakers will address the most pressing needs for investment across the value chain and the roles that markets and policy have in defining opportunities – ranging from recent tax changes to the role of shale to Federal infrastructure policy to the implications of NAFTA renegotiations.
12:45-01:15 pm The Direct Investments, Co-Investments, and Successful Exits Panel
Moderator: Ms. Samira Salman
With: Mr. D. Randolph Waesche, Managing Member, Family Wealth Management LLC, Mr. Brad RossManaging Director, Transaction Advisory Services, BDO LLP, Mr. Michael Girdley, Managing Director, Geekdom Fund, and Mr. Justin LaPoten, Partner, Badr Investments
This panel will provide a comprehensive view on family offices making direct investments into private companies. Discussion will include sourcing, selecting, diligencing, structuring, finding co-investors, troubleshooting, and getting to a successful exit. Panelists will discuss personal experiences, recommendations, and truth from the trenches.
01:15-02:15 pm Lunch
02:15-02:45 pm The Real Estate Panel 
Moderator: Ms. Desirée Patno, CEO & President, NAWRB
With: Mr. Brandon Pauler, Tax Managing Director, BDO LLP, Mr. Ryan L. Urech, Senior Vice President – Southwest Region Business Development, Wells Fargo, Mr. Clayton Hagerman, Founder & Managing Partner, MicroPlanned CommunitiesTM LLC
Real estate dynamics is changing – opportunities and strategies addressing global housing issues, tax reform and the new mindset.  
02:45-03:15 pm Tiger 21 Panel
  Moderator: Mr. Rick Gornto, Houston Chair, TIGER 21
With: Mr. Bret Stanley, Founder & Managing Partner, Stanley Capital Management, Mr. Ash Kumar, CEO & Founder, Ashford Communities, Mr. Steven Kaufman, Founder & Chief Acceleration Officer, Zeus Trust, Mr. Michael Casid, Co-Founder, Dymatize Enterprises
A discussion about what Tiger 21 is and how it can be relevant to you. The panelists will be asked questions about their experiences with T21, their investments with T21 and the value of T21 to their family and themselves.
03:15-03:35 pm Refreshment Break
03:35-03:50 pm Transition from Operating Company to Family Office – Mr. Adil Adi, Executive Chairman, Adi Family Office
03:50-04:05 pm Philanthropic Structures – Mr. Stephen D. Maislin, President & CEO, Greater Houston Community Foundation
04:05-04:35 pm The Philanthropy Panel – How to Create a Lasting Legacy
Moderator: Ms. Avital Ingber, President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
With: Mr. Benjamin Warren, CEO & President, ITC Trading Company Ltd, Mr. Fred Zeidman, Chairman, Gordian Group, Mr. Benjamin Samuels, Executive Consultant, Victory Packaging
What inspires legacy giving? Hear firsthand from a number of successful business leaders how they give back to their communities, involve multiple generations of their family and create lasting legacies through philanthropic endeavors. 
04:45-06:45 pm Cocktail Reception
The conference will be followed by a cocktail reception at The Houstonian for all conference attendees.



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The 2018 Dallas Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference

2018 Agenda:


October 29th 
06:30-08:00 pm A  Cocktail Reception at the George W. Bush Presidential Center
 October 30th 
08:00-09:00 am Refreshments & Registration
09:00-09:10 am Opening Remarks – Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Conference Moderator: Mr. Randy WrightTax Partner – Dallas, BDO
09:10-09:30 am Mr. John Nottingham, Co-Founder, Nottingham Spirk
The Innovation Session
09:30-10:00 am The Innovation & Technology Panel
Moderator: Mr. Ed Hightower, Tri-chair, Tech Titans IoT Forum and Principal, IoT and Beyond With: Mr. Adil Adi, Founder & CEO, WorldLink, Mr. Eric Lenington, Founder & CEO, ObjectSpectrum LLC and Founder & Managing Partner, 24×8 LLC, Dr. Rajesh Narasimha, Founder & CEO, EdgeTensor Technologies, Ms. Florence Lowe, Chief Operating Officer, Synerzip
These are exciting times! Technology is enabling us to do things that we could only dream of just a few years ago. Join us as our panel of entrepreneurial technologists give us insights into how the Internet of Things and all its cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision will combine to help us change the world and make it a better and safer place for all of us.
10:00-10:15 am Evolution, not Revolution: Saga and the Future of Cryptocurrencies – Mr. Roy Sagi, VP Investment Banking, Saga Foundation
10:15-10:25 am Optimizing Disc Replacement – Dr. Isador Lieberman, Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon, President Texas Back Institut, Agada Medical
10:25-10:40 am COPIA Agro and Food Technologies Fund – Impact Investments for a Sustainable Future – Mr. Ohad Zuckerman, Managing Partner, COPIA Ag & Food Technologies Ltd.
10:40-11:10 am Break
The Financial Session
11:10-11:20 am Gold, The Original Alternative Investment – Mr. Edward Coyne, Executive Vice President, National Sales, Sprott Asset Management
11:20-11:40 am Fireside Chat: Seeking Great Ideas: The Art of Focused Investing – Mr. Pedro Escudero, Founder & CIO, DPM Capital and Mr. Michael RutnerManaging Director, Ion Pacific
11:40-12:00 pm Dealing with Intergenerational Issue with Wealth and Foundation Governance – Mr. Morton Meyerson, Founder & Chairman, 2M Companies, LLC.
12:00-12:10 pm Minerals – Unearthing Possibilities – Mr. Will Cullen, Vice President, LongPoint Minerals & Business Development
12:10-12:30 pm Panel: Restructuring the Family Office after Lenders
Moderator: Mr. Randy Wright, Tax Partner – Dallas, BDO
With: Mr. Jason Cain, Family Office Services Managing Partner, BDO, Ms. Amy Pienta, Senior Director, Family Office Services, BDO, Ms. Carrie Burnett, Tax Managing Director, BDO
2017 ended with a bang for U.S. based family offices. The combination of tax law changes and the TaxCourt’s decision in the Lender case created a clear path for families to achieve advantageous tax results. Join our panel as they review the nuances of the case and learn how similarly situated families can optimize family office organizational structures to mitigate income tax consequences.
12:30-12:50 pm What Does Tax Reform Mean to Your Estate Plan? - Mr. Josh Ungerman, Partner, Meadows Collier and Mr. Alan Davis, Partner, Meadows Collier
12:50-01:00 pm The Case for Investing in Producing Oil and Gas Properties – Mr. Arthur Budge, Jr., President and CEO, Five States Energy Company, LLC
01:00-02:00 pm Lunch
02:00-02:30 pm Panel: Real Estate Investment and Financing Trends
Moderator: Mr. John P. Dean, Regional Private Banking Manager for Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma, and Midland, Wells FargoWith: Mr. Ryan Urech, Senior Vice President – Southwest Region Business Development, Wells Fargo, Mr. Paris Rutherford, Principal, CATALYST Urban Development, Mr. Jeremy Sain, Managing Director, HFF
This panel will discuss current real estate investment and financing trends. It will explore deals getting done in the current real estate environment in both development deals and income producing stabilized real estate.
02:30-03:00 pm Direct Deals and Co-Investments Panel
Moderator: Ms. Samira Salman, Founder & CEO, Salman SolutionsWith: Ms. Anna Martin, Associate, Sallyport Investments, Mr. Andrew Robertson, CEO, Professional Rental Tools, Mr. Will Stringer, Senior Associate, Cockrell Interests
This panel will provide a comprehensive view on family offices making direct investments into private companies. Discussion will include sourcing, selecting, diligencing, structuring, finding co-investors, troubleshooting, and getting to a successful exit. Panelists will discuss personal experiences, recommendations, and truth from the trenches.
03:00-03:20 pm Fireside Chat: Ms. Sarah Losinger, Trustee, Communities Foundation of Texas and Ms. Monica Egert Smith, Chief Relationship Officer, Communities Foundation of Texas
Join a lively discussion with Ms. Sarah Losinger and Ms. Monica Egert Smith for a brief overview ofhow to get the most out of working with a community foundation including local and national giving trends. Hear  about how to accomplish multi-generational impact and giving through donor-advised funds, providing hands-on philanthropic learning opportunities for children or grandchildren, seeking community engagement and impact through venture-capital style gifting through a community foundation.
 03:20-03:35 pm Why We’ll Always Need Fossil Fuels – Mr. Bernard Weinstein, Associate Director, Maguire Energy Institute
03:35-03:55 pm Break
 03:55-04:15 pm Trammell S. Crow and the Road to EarthX - Mr. Trammell S. Crow, Founder, EarthX
The Philanthropy Session 
04:15-04:35 pm Fireside Chat: Marrying into Money – Ms. Jaynie Schultz, Director, Schultz Family Foundation and husband Mr. Ron Romaner, Owner, The Yiddishe Kup
Jaynie and Ron will discuss the perils, pitfalls and pluses of marrying into wealth. They will talk about the newcomer status, reading and navigating the lay of the land, remaining true to yourself and living a new lifestyle.
04:35-05:05 pm Fireside Chat: Family, Philanthropy and Business: Juggling it all with Values and PurposeMr. Bradley Laye, President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and Mr. Harold Gernsbacher, CEO, Chain Link Services
Learn from Harold Gernsbacher, the immediate past National Campaign Chair for Jewish Federations of North America, about his experience running a very large family business, raising two daughters to adulthood after the passing of his late wife and volunteering and donating at the highest levels of philanthropy as he ensures his values are transferred, not just his wealth.
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The 2017 Dallas Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference

Cocktail Reception at the Bush Library, Dallas, TX


DC Finance Family Office & Wealth Management Conference

The 2017 Dallas Agenda

October 30th
6:30-8:30 PM DC Finance’s Cocktail Reception at the Bush Library – Sponsored by BDO USA
  Welcome Remarks: Mr. Ken Hersh, President and CEO, George W. Bush Presidential Center 
  October 31st
08:00-09:00 AM Registration and Refreshments
09:00-09:10 AM Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
  Conference Chair: Mr. Randy WrightTax Partner, BDO USA, LLP 
09:10-09:50 AM The Future of Technology  
  Moderator: Ms. Marcia DawoodManaging PartnerBlueTree Capital in Pittsburgh and with Golden Seeds in New York and Dallas
  With: Ms. Michelle Johnson, Chief Information Officer, Freeman, Ms. Amy Evins, Chief Information Officer, Texas Capital Bank, Ms. Gabriella Draney Zielke, Co-Founder & Partner, Tech WildCatters
The Future of Technology Discussed by the the Industry’s Leading Woman - The future of payment methods, how the pace of change has affected how we use technology, the future for technology in business and much more! 
09:50-10:10 AM The Biggest Mistakes We See In Large Estates – Mr. Josh O. Ungerman, J.D., CPA & Mr.  Alan K. Davis, J.D., CPA, CAP®, Meadows Collier, LLP
10:10-10:20 AM Agricultural and Food Impact Innovation and Technologies-A look at a Robust Investment Vehicle for a Better Future  Mr. Eyal Cohen, Managing Partner, Copia Agro & Food
10:20-10:30 AM Finding Investments with Strong Alpha to Risk Attributes Can be Done – Just Not Easily -  Mr. Robert Hoyt, Ph.D ,Co-Founder, Blue Hall Capital LLC
10:30-10:40 AM How You can Profit in the Permian Basin - Mr. Jay Young, CEO & Founder, King Operation Corporation
 10:40-10:50 AM  Overseas Diversification Through Local Expertise – Mr. Lorenzo Rocco, Partner, REYL
10:50-11:20 AM The Direct Investing Panel
  Moderator: Mr. Michael Rutner, Chief Investment Officer, Eta Investments
  With: Mr. Shaun BuckleyPartner, Transaction Advisory Services – Financial, BDO, LLP, USA, Mr. Adil Adi, Executive Chairman, WorldLink, Mr. Michael Girdley, Co-Founder, Geekdom Fund, Mr. Scott Letier, Managing Director, Deason Capital Services, Mr. Kevin McGovernChairman & CEO, McGovern Capital and The Water Initiative
11:20-11:50 AM Refreshment Break
11:50-12:15 PM The Real Estate Panel
  Moderator: Mr. Sean Dalfen, President, Dalfen America Corp.  
  With: Mr. Michael Ablon, President, Pegasus Ablon, Dr. Bharat Sangani M.D., Chairman, Encore Enterprises Ltd., Ms. Susan M. Ansel, Chief Executive Officer and President, Gables Residential
12:15-12:30 PM Real Estate Investing in Secondary Markets - Mr. Andy Weiner, President, RockStep Capital Real Estate Investments
12:30-01:00 PM The Tiger 21 Panel 
  Moderator: Mr. Christopher Ryan, Chairman, Tiger 21 Dallas
  Panelist: Mr. James H. Webb , Founder, Preferred Medical Holdings, Ms. Lisa Harris ,Co-Founder, Align Capital LLC, Mr. Maxwell DreverChairman, Drever Capital Management
01:00-02:00 PM Lunch
  The Energy Session
02:00-02:30 PM   The Energy Panel – Through the Storm:  Fossil Fuels, Bridge Fuels & Alt-Energy – Where Do Global Energy Markets Go from Here?
  Moderator: MrGeorge SeayChairman & Co-Founder, Annandale Capital & Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce
With: Mr. Bernard Weinstein, Associate Director, Maguire Energy Institute, Mr. Alan Stevens, Assurance Partner, BDO, Ms. Meredith WalkerGlobal Economist, EastWest Institute
02:30-02:50 PM Investing Effectively in Oil and Gas Minerals – Mr. George Seay, Chairman & Co-Founder, Annandale Capital & Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce
02:50-03:10 PM The Philanthropy Session
Fire Chat with the Schultz Family on Transferring the Values of Philanthropy Across Generations
  Moderator: Mr. Bradley Laye, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Federation, Greater Dallas
With: Ms. Jaynie Schultz, President, Retreat Central, Mr. Howard Schultz, Founder & Chairman, Howard Schultz & Associates International, Ms. Leslie Vile Schultz
Engaging the next generation in philanthropy – A family discussion
03:10-03:30 PM Refreshment Break
03:30-04:00 PM The Power of Family Offices in the Global Economy – Ms. Meredith WalkerGlobal Economist, EastWest Institute





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